Sa Bundok Walang Papel

Being a Kikay is not my cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong as I don’t have anything against being kikay. Come to think of it, I even envy them.

Some lady bikers I know are in a way kikay because their biking/hydration bags are filled with their kikay stuff  (mirror, powder, sunblock, lip gloss, make up, etc.).  Funny but it is true.

I used to bring just the important stuff like first aid kit, spare tube, tire levers, pump, some snacks and ordinary wet wipes. The wet wipes were just added recently because there are usually no clean water sources that you could use to clean up after giving way to the call of nature especially on long rides or trail rides that are far away from civilization.

Unilab ActiveHealth asked me recently to try the two variants of their new convenient pH Care Feminine Wipes.

pH Care Feminine Wipes is pH-balanced, alcohol-free, hypo-allergenic, and clinically tested by an obstetrician-gynecologist and safe for the intimate area.  The two variants are Passionate Bloom comes with pleasant floral scent and CoolWind with ActiveCool for an extra cool feeling.

I liked both variants. Each pack contains ten (10) wipes. Now, I have these feminine wipes in my bags whenever I go biking in the mountains or just traveling out of town. Don’t take my word for it, try the new pH Care Feminine Wipes.

How about you? What do you have inside your bags? Care to share with me the kikay stuff you have inside your bags when you go on a bike ride?

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  1. Nice topic. This made me think about adding a small bar of soap to the loads of stuff I bring on rides. Yung motel variety para compact. 🙂

  2. … aside from the mentioned above, I think we should start bringing “sarong.” You just have to go inside while your fellow kikay bikers holding atop of it. Esp. sa outside MM trails. 🙂

  3. When i ride my (small) shoulder bag will have a pocket flashlight, swiss knife, cell phone, ID cards, muscle relaxant pills for cramps, and candy for sugar loading.
    Should nature call, nature will provide…as long as I am close enough to a stream or creek… 😀

  4. @ jen – yeah for ladies, for those unexpected moments…

    for guys, never fail to bring at least a toilet paper…mahirap na baka abutan pa sa bundok no…

  5. Whether it’s long or short ride, planned or unplanned I always make sure that i have I’D, healthcard, ATM, small bills, alcohol and tissue. These items Make me feel confident that if something happens to me i can be easily identified and be helped. I comfortable knowing that I have what I need just when I needed them.

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