Patatas Kayo Diyan!

October 12, 2018 biloggirl 0

The last time I thought about potatoes was when the “Sarah Meme” was made into a Pinoy meme mega hit. ‘Te nagbalik ang mga alaala […]

Felt it!

March 11, 2014 biloggirl 0

This year started with plenty of good things, first, my swimming skills are improving. second would be my improving health, not to mention getting a […]

Runner’s Summit Review

September 14, 2013 biloggirl 0

Unilab’s Active Health Runner’s Summit took a whole day of presentation of information for aspiring runners to progress from the sport itself as well as […]

No Stiff

April 8, 2013 biloggirl 0

10K run at Rebisco Run held last April 7 took a toll in my aching body and on Monday, this pain put me on uneasiness […]