Tough Tacloban

I feel drained when I arrived at Domestic Airport in Paranaque City. I was gone close to 24 hours awake, because of some things that need immediate attention. It was inevitable so I rendered extra hours of work to make it happened.  I finished my work at exactly 0145 as my departure from Manila sets at 0400.  This stress doesn’t matter at all, besides, I got a one week vacation to enjoy Visayas region.

It was raining when our plane arrived at Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport in Tacloban City around 0645. A Terry Larrazabal Bike Festival 2011 banner welcome us ,  exchanging hi and hello to few cyclists while waiting our bikes and bags at the baggage carousel.

Just then, I looked up in the cloudy sky and smile. The weather was not good to padyak all the way from Tacloban City to Ormoc City.  The ride will be more than 100 kilometers according to some locals in the airport.  Yes, we missed the fun but still thankful because as for my condition, my reserved pedal power could only hold few kilometers.

We pedaled roughly 15 kilometers from airport to New Tacloban City Terminal in Abucay.  The weather was weird. It shines and rains, changing after 2 hours. 

At the terminal, we saw small buses bound to Ormoc City but they are not allowing passengers to load their bikes.  Some people around advised us to wait for big buses as they got spacious compartment compared to small buses.  

While waiting, I bought 3 pieces of Binagol for my lunch.  It is one of the visayan delicacies.  Sweet like suman and placed in a coconut shells wrapped in banana leaves.  So yummy.

While having my Binagol, I get my android phone and tweeted Atty. Goyo asking for help. He tweeted back in his exact words “there’s a shuttle from the Tacloban Airport to Ormoc City later 6pm for free :)” Arggghhh, we are too early for the free shuttle.  Around 2pm, big buses arrived but they still didn’t allow us to load our bikes.

After more than 6 hours at the terminal, I use my magic charm. I approached the driver of Velmar Transport by myselft and begged. He answered, “basta, tanggal isang gulong pwede sakay bike saka hindi maarte.” I can’t remember what did I answer. We took off our front tires and load our bikes near the driver’s seat. Thanks Velmar Transport.

I don’t know how can I still manage to smile after the tough day we had back in Tacloban, not to mention of staying awake for more than 36 hours. Touch down Ormoc City at 5:30pm. 

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