Bike Etiquette is a simple common sense

Mountain biking is one of the hottest sports nowadays, and so to mountain biking races too. As for me, joining races is like challenging yourself, in a competition your greatest competitor is yourself. But, what and how does it take to compete?

Few days before the 1st Philippine Bike Adventure Race, I made something in preparation for the competition. First, I took my bike at the nearest bikeshop to have it assessed and checked.  My regular bike mechanic in Tryon told me that my bike is still good for dirt and rough terrain.

Typical stuff I brought at the race were bicycle helmet, hydration bag, water, energy drink and energy gel.

We arrived at 0430 in Clark Freeport Zone, weather seemed not too hot and the heat presence in Clark is just perfect for the race.  At the staring area, I was able to see some friends back in Manila and Pampanga.

Sharing some photos of them.

John Wilkie
Cristine Robles
Ging Lucman and Wreachelle Cordova
Nilo Estayo and Bad Boy
Melissa, Biloggirl and Maricar

I had joined races and had traveled places to participate but this race track in PBAR held in Clark, was one of the best trails designed for cross country. Single track was a bit wider than Bonifacio Trails in Mckinley or same as the Camp Aguinaldo Trails in Camp Crame. Track was a bit technical too due to some complicated turns and blind turns but still doable 🙂 There were few sharp inclined climbs that had to bring my bike on top. At the end of each lap, friends were there who supported and cheered us up.

Inside the race track, I heard loud voices from behind, “bike on your left” or “bike passing on your left”. Even we were in a race, and because I am an average moving rider, I let fast riders passed over me as a sign of my good bike behavior. While climbing, I heard Dandan (Team Alterra) from my behind announced himself to pass on my left, made a little move then, a rider from Team KTM named Carlo Gasmen appeared on my right unexpectedly then, we were like a sandwich together. I kept my balance and didn’t stop pedaling to avoid the crash. Carlo didn’t care that there was a person on his left, he was so aggressive to move, he touched my waist, and he pushed me for him to climb. As what I can recall, I shouted, “ang dumi mong maglaro”.

At the finish line, I confronted Carlo Gasmen thru Donjie Dormitorio, who is from KTM Team too.

“A Competition is challenging when all riders respect their competitors and play fair and with all honesty.” Bike accidents, I got many of them and I am afraid no more.

Etiquette doesn’t need to be drafted and paste over the Net, as to bike etiquette, it doesn’t need to be taught, it is just a simple COMMON SENSE.  My mountain biking career doesn’t end up here, I love the dirt and still like to race. I am focus and I will see you in Nuvali Dirt Weekend on November 26-27.

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