Carless Emerald Avenue

Carless Day at Emerald Avenue
If there would be one legacy of Mayor Bobby Eusebio of Pasig City that I would like to remember, that was for making Emerald Avenue, a “Bike Day”, “Health Day” and “Carless Day” every Sunday. This project was launched last June 3 through the efforts of Pasig City Mayor’s Office, Firefly Brigade and the support of other cycling community. Emerald Avenue, now F. Ortigas Jr. Road in Pasig were closed to vehicles from 6:00 am to 12:00 noon is close every Sunday mornings thereafter.

I took a moment to drop by at Emerald Avenue to see what’s in there. Well, I can say that Carless Day in Emerald Avenue is similar to family day. Sharing some photos during my ride.

Emerald Carless Day Biker Boy
The first person greeted me as I arrived at Emerald Avenue.
Emerald Carless Day Bike Clinic
Sweet photo of Father – Daughter. It reminds me my first bike.
Emerald Carless Day Recumbent Bike
Mother and Daugther bonding. This is a recumbent bicycle.
Emerald Carless Day Mommies on Aero
Mommies were doing their thing too 🙂

It was refreshing to see Emerald Avenue on Sunday mornings. Hope we could see more cities such as this.

Congratulations Mayor Bobby Eusebio.

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