Livestrong race kits for free

The markers of Ampalaya Plus, Nattural Quality Corporation is one of the partner of Livestrong Day on October 21, 2012 happening at Circulo Verde, Pasig City. They will be giving away ten (10) Livestrong Day Philippines race kits for free.

To join, here is the mechanics:

1. Please like the Facebook Fan Page of Ampalaya Plus.
2. Tell me your vision how to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
3. Post your answer as a comment in this post.

Ampalaya Plus is an all-natural food supplement that helps you maintain your blood sugar levels. It is a combination of Ampalaya (Bitter Gourd), Banaba (Crepe Myrtle), and Luyang Dilaw (Turmeric).

Deadline of entry is on October 14. Please use valid email address.

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  1. Everyday is challenge to all of us since there is so much delicious food around us and its hard to resists but you have to! I prevent developing DM type 2 by keeping my body mass index normal by eating food low in carbohydrates, high in fiber foods, limiting the intake of sugary drinks, and having proper exercise.

  2. My family is prone to diabetes because its hereditary . What I’m doing now to prevent type 2 diabetes is by being active in physical activities. I’ve participated in fun runs, mountain climbing and recently engaged myself in boxing. I’ve also watching my weight and practice eating healthy foods and avoid to much consumption of sweets. Now I’ve added Ampalaya plus in my diet to help me decrease or even prevent me from getting this bad disease.

  3. To live a healthy lifestyle. Practice a healthy eating habits. Control carbs, salty and fatty foods, avoid junk foods. Regular exercise is a perfect partner to a balance diet. By eating right and getting enough workout will lead a perfect healthy lifestyle.

  4. Since every one is at risk of having type 2 diabetes I always see that healty living is the key to prevent it. As a health care provider I advice my patients even my family to watch what they eat that may cause diabetes and to always have a physical activity to strengthen the immune system and of course to take up supplements like ampalaya plus

  5. My Dad has diabetes and has to take an insulin shot every day. I feel that this puts me at risk for diabetes so what I’m doing to prevent getting a diabetes are:
    Controlling my weight, blood pressure and cholesterol , healthy food consumption, staying active and quit smoking. And now me and my Dad will take Ampalaya plus to normalize our blood sugar of our body and also for a peace of mind.

  6. An exercise a day would really help an individual to avoid any type sickness especially diabetes. Eat a balanced and healthy diet, particularly foods that are low in carbohydrates. An 8-hour sleep a day is really important. Don’t forget to go to your doctor at least once a year. Lastly, take a food supplement like Ampalaya Plus daily and you’ll surely live a diabetes-free life.

  7. I think to reduce this kind of problem you should live a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy foods, exercise everyday, and take a supplement like Ampalaya Plus to help reduce of becoming a type 2 diabetes.

  8. Run. If you cannot run, just walk. A half an hour of walk a day is a good exercise that would help us prevent diabetes. Also, watch what you eat and make sure that you sleep enough. And of course, take Ampalaya Plus daily.

  9. I think that early education and awareness is a key component here in preventing diabetes. A public campaign should be established to educate the public and encourage people to get an active lifestyle. People who are diabetics should take the lead on this. Diabetics who are passionate in helping people prevent diabetes.

  10. Take Action!
    1. Eat healthy. Eating healthy foods can help you: Control your weight. Lower your blood pressure. Lower your cholesterol.
    2. Be active. Being physically active can lower your risk of type 2 diabetes. Aim for 2 hours and 30 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity, like walking fast or biking.
    3. Watch your weight.
    Try keeping a diary to write down: Your weight, all the meals and snacks you eat today and minutes of physical activity you do on day to day basis.

  11. I can say that being at risk of diabetes as it runs in my family we started to pay attention to some preventable diabetic complication by adopting a healthy lifestyle like having a specific diet on what to eat and not to eat and taking supplements like ampalaya plus. Another is physical exercise likewise my whole family is into running and other sports.

  12. Reducing the risk of having Type 2 Diabetes is quite easy for me i think. First you must live healthy meaning eating the right type of food but noy just the type but also the right amount of it, exercise but also enough sleep is also needed and of course take the right supplements because the body cant do all of this without any help and that is what Ampalaya Plus is for. It helps our body to stay fit espcially it helps us reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

  13. Just make your blood sugar level is into normal rate, coordinate it with a healthy diet and exercise plus Ampalaya plus to fight your diabetes.

  14. Regular exercise,stop cigarette smoking and alcoholic beverages,sleep early 8 hrs sleep needed,drink plenty of water and vitamin C and use AMPALAYA PLUS daily.

  15. every time you turn on the TV or listen to the radio we hear a new report on the epidemic of type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body uses insulin inefficiently and can longer keep blood sugar levels in check. Over the years, damage to nerves and blood vessels can lead to complications such as heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney disease, and leg amputation. But type 2 diabetes is preventable in many people . By educating people about Diabetes we can lower the chances of getting diabetes. Exercising regularly, reducing fat and calorie intake, and losing weight can all help you reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. By setting certain goals to follow we could drastically reduce the occurence of Diabetes. 1.Reach and Maintain a Reasonable Body Weight. 2.Make Wise Food Choices Most of the Time. 3. Be Physically Active Every Day. 4.Find family and friends who will support and encourage you.

  16. Regular exercise,stop cigarette smoking and alcoholic beverages .sleep early …8hrs sleep needed,drink plenty of water and vitamin C,and use AMPALAYA PLUS daily.

  17. There are many ways on how to prevent Type 2 Diabetes.
    In my own opinion, you really need to go back to the basic.
    First, You need to watch out your weight therefore, weight yourself once a month. Gaining weight too much can cause harm.
    You may think you are healthy but measurements say you’re not.
    Second, choose what to eat. Eat healthy foods. It is better to follow the Pyramid Food Guide.
    Third, stay active. Exercise regularly. Join fun runs.
    Fourth, control your blood pressure and cholesterol. Of course this is a must to everyone.
    Fifth, quit smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages as well.
    Lastly, you may take healthy food supplements that can help maintain nor prevent having Type 2 Diabetes and “Ampalaya Plus” is the best example of it.

  18. I can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by exercising, weight control management, and eating healthy. These three are all tied up because you can’t ignore one over the other, so to totally avoid type 2 diabetes, we all need to do these three things. Plus, a daily supplement like Ampalaya Plus can help you decrease the chances of getting diabetes.

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