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If you asked me if I know how to swim, I tell you, yes… but not the formal level. I can do floating and swimming in a 4.5 feet water level only. To add, not in open water but in swimming pool only. I hold back when I can’t see and feel the pool floor anymore, I feel like I’m drowning.

I’ve always wanted to conquer this fear. I asked my triathlete friend Teacher Tina Zamora, if I’m too old to learn swimming. She told me that her triathlete husband, Dennis Zamora was in zero knowledge in swimming. I was surprised! She added, Daddy D (Dennis) just learned swimming recently. I won’t reveal Daddy D’s age but he’s in his 40’s already. Daddy D, please don’t spank me hahaha!!! She advised me that no one is old in swimming, if I really want to learn then, it will happen. I had prepared my stuff like head cap, goggles and rash guard.

This is it, I decided to face this fear seriously. This July, I will swim more than biking and I am proud to introduce my swimming coach Kaye Lopez of Fit + Academy as she will teach me baby steps in swimming. She told me that she will prepare a customized training plan for me based on my skills.

Why she? Well, I heard positive reviews from Pinay Ironmom and Marge T. Buot, Esq. about how is she as a triathlon teacher and coach.

If you will ask if I will join Xterra next year, my answer is.. we’ll see. I will try to be an obedient and submissive student.

Level up na ‘to…. Don’t worry biker friends, we will meet more often in MOA instead 🙂

Here’s few information about Fit + Academy:

Coach Kaye Lopez

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  1. I have that fear too. I don’t know if I used to coz i’ve been swimming formally for like a year now and still have that fear of water. There’s one thing i found out about myself, i need a warm up before i swim over to the deep side. I just achieved my goal last week with the help of a friend which happens to be my swimming and skating buddy. I finally crossed the olympic size pool. Oh, what a relief when i first reached the end. I have a fear of anything under the sea too. Name it, fish, the sea weeds and even the stones. Fudge! Then i joined my team mates last summer. We went to la luz Batangas (wonderful place outside the metro) that was my first time swimming in the deep part of the open and I bravely face my fears and I just realized how awesome the creatures are under the sea. Good luck on your swimming lesson, it’ll be so much fun I assure you.

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