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It hits us sometimes that what is the lenten all about?

But before I start, this is not about lenten nor religion. I am an INC member yes, but these are my personal reflections and views.

It would always be enjoyable for me to be biking, obviously. So its always on my mind. Might I be in the office, malls, with my friends, and even inside the church, biking always gets in my brainy head. Sometimes, I would rather be on a bike thinking of Him, than be inside a church thinking of biking…hehe, pretty radical right? But at least I am not distracted by the idea of biking!

But really, what is lent all about?

Last year I joined a group of my friends as they hid somewhere in Zambales for the Holy Week. At first I thought it was a simple get away to relax and unwind, but then I noticed, the resort was so hidden, that signal and other techie things are so not USO there. Imagine three whole days with fluctuating signals, no cable television and yes, minimal social networking, it was ok for my friends to deal with it. After all they told me, its time for them to really avoid those things and soul search. SOUL SEARCH???

As i have also noticed, they were limited to what they eat. No meat for the entire stay… and then when I asked on of my friend, it simply means, that those are little sacrifice that they do during lenten season. Holy week is a practice for them to sacrifice and give up what they can. Not just because their religion’s practice is that, but personally, it was a test for the character and humanity.

So it struck me. What am i willing to sacrifice? What will I be able to give up. Detox it.

So you guys, this coming days, what are you willing to give up?

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