14th Tour of the Fireflies Souvenir Shirt

Tour of the Fireflies Shirt

Don’t miss this year Tour of the Fireflies souvenir shirt! You may have them by purchasing these souvenir items at Php300 for the T-shirt and Php450 for the jersey. The amount collected from the souvenir items and donations will go to support the projects and operation of the Firefly Brigade. These projects are:

  • Organizing monthly Critical Mass Rides (CMR)
  • Organizing the Clean Air Ride every November Providing bicycle clinics on Safe Urban Cycling and Bicycle Commuting
  • RACK (Raising Awareness, Capacities and Knowledge-sharing) project for bicycle parking in Metro Manila
  • Lobbying the government to adopt sustainable transport policies

A minimal amount of Php100 only, if you just want to donate.


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Tour of The Fireflies was moved on November 18

I just found the official statement of Firefly Brigade about the new schedule of Tour of the Fireflies in November.

Due to the recent calamities affecting our partner cities and due to weather conditions and SAFETY considerations that the Firefly Brigade will be moving the Tour of the Fireflies on Clean Air Month’s November 18.

Our advocacy continues and we hope to see you in our monthly CMR leading to the Tour of the Fireflies.

If I may suggest, it would be better to do the Tour of the Firelies on summer, plus children are on vacation. It’s more fun to ride in good weather.

14th Tour of the Fireflies

Firefly Brigade - Tour of the Fireflies 2012
After the long wait, it’s official, the 14th Tour of the Fireflies by Firefly Brigade is happening on September 16, 2012 November 18, 2012.

To give you a brief profile of the ride, Tour of the Fireflies is one the biggest and grandest bike ride held in Manila yearly to promote clean air by biking. This event will be again participated by bikers in Metropolitan Manila and near Manila to support the advocacy of Firefly Brigade.

As a regular lady pacers of the Tour the Fireflies, I would like share some points to remember if you’ll join this bike ride.

Prepare your bike. All bikes are welcome in the ride, you will see bicycles in different displines. These bikes may be road bike, mountain bike, low rider bike, folding bike, downhill bike, village bike and more but, the important part of the preparation is, bike should be properly tune-up to avoid injuiries or accident.

I would suggest to decorate your bikes as Firefly Brigade gives special awards to those unique bikes šŸ™‚

Prepare yourself. Tour of the Fireflies bike ride usually participated by more than 10,000 bikers within Metropolitan Manila and near Manila. Please prepare yourself on these expected bike buddies during the ride. Think that this will be your opportunity to mingle with other bikers and meet new friends.

Bringing your kids. Kids are the most welcome bikers at the tour but please prepare them for this ride. Take them near the lady pacers on front so that they will be properly guided on the ride pace during the ride. Based on my personal experience as a pacer, we are mainting 10 to 15 km/h speed. I saw lot of children finished this ride.

Water. It is available in the event but I would suggest to bring water for yourself and the kids. Check out the water hydration bag available in your nearest local bike shop.

In case of unexpected circumstances, male marshals will be there to assist you to take you to the next SAG group.

I know everybody is already excited. I hope I shared good points for those bikers who will be joining the 14th Tour of the Fireflies on September.

See you there.

Bikes for the Philippines

I was invited by Joel Uichico, founder of the program Bikes for the Philippines for a simple dinner and get together at Sentro in Taguig City last February 9. And finally met the personalities and supporters behind, Athena Beltran-Mendoza, Bans Mendoza, Mark Martirez (Mountain Bike Philippines – MTB.PH), Mia Bunao and Tina Dela Cruz (Firefly Brigade), Gene De Guzman and Lotus Postrado (DepEd), Jo Grant (Bikes for the Philippines – USA) and Yvette Hess (Bikes for the World), Carrie Tharan (Synergeia), AJ Dimarucot, Elvis Gutierrez, Alexa Uichico, Adrien Uichico and Jake Uichico. Photo by Mia Bunao

I am sharing to you short video made for BfP and how the the program started.

The Bikes for the Philippines (BfP) program was established to reduce the dropout rate of school children who have to walk long distances to school, and reach out to dropouts to complete a high school equivalency program.

Partnerships were established with Synergeia (www.synergeia.org.ph) and Bohol Local Development Foundation (www.povertycafe.org/bldf/ ) to establish metrics to monitor the program, as well as logistical support.

How can we help?

We can help Bikes for the Philippines in many ways. It could be a VOLUNTEER WORK donating our old cycling accessories like blinkers, gloves, helmet and clothing, shoes; by purchasing the Bikes for the Philippines jersey may help to sustain the program, please check this link http://bit.ly/wKKyWP and cash donation may be forwarded to the following accounts:

Account Name: Synergeia Foundation Inc.

BPI CA 3241 015792 (San Francisco Del Monte Branch)

BDO SA 490 001 6503 (Rockwell Branch)

Synergeia Foundation Inc helps is accepting donation in behalf of Bikes for the Philippines. Once the deposit have been made, please email the deposit slips to mail@synergeia.org and indicate the amount and purpose of your donations specific to Bikes for the Philippines.

Bikes for the Philippines
Room 405 Evekal Buiding
855 A. Arnaiz Ave, Legaspi Village, Makati City
Tel +6328928205

World Car-Free Day 2011

World Car-Free Day 2011

World Car-Free Day 2011

23 September, 2011

Manila, Philippines

World Car-Free Day is originally set on September 22 but in the Philippines, it will be celebrated on the 23rd of September, a Friday of full of fun and camaraderie with Firefly Brigade (Manila). Get out of your car and experience the World Car-Free Day by cycling and walking.

Philmofo Bisaklat Story

It gave me sweat when I recount the the adventures of the recently concluded Philmofo Bisaklat: Gulong at Dunong held at Puting Bato Trail in Rizal.

Believe me, its not that simple. Story telling should be done with passion and delivered in a very entertaining way to get the childrenā€™s attention . Imagine how Kuya Bodjie of Batibot , back in the 80ā€²s, captivated the interest & attention of the kids listening to his stories.

Sharing some photos taken by Tina Dela Cruz, President of Firefly Brigade.

Alan Sotelo - Philmofo Moderator

Alan Sotelo - Philmofo Moderator

Mark De Castro - Philmofo Moderator and Vitara Philippines

Mark De Castro - Philmofo Moderator and Vitara Philippines

The main activity started with a song and dance activity which broke the ice and established rapport with the children.

After the main story was delivered to everyone. The children when to their designated groups. I was assigned to be the storyteller to the group “Puti” which had 6 children.

I read them the book, “Ang mga Kamatis ni Peles.” I think the children enjoyed the story that they asked me to tell them another story.

Art activities came next after the storytelling. I gave them papers and crayons for them to draw.Ā Ā  My heart went to the 3 kids who cannot draw . With passion and determination, IĀ  taught them and guided them to draw flowers and tomatoes.

We then gave the children loot bags which contained school supplies and some snacks. Even the parents had a crack at getting some extra goodies for themselves.

This affair was not only a learning experience for the kids but us adults as well. One thing I learned from the kids isĀ  to cherish and enjoy the little things we have and to maintain the innocence of a child becauseĀ one day, these little things will contribute to bigger ones.

All in all, there were about 70 children, 80 bikers and 50 parents who joined and supported the activity.

The next schedule Bisaklat storytelling activities will be in Sagada on November and Boracay on January 2012 in time for the Ati-atihan Festival.

Those who are interested to join, donate books and school supplies, please contact the following.

Jenny Arce 0923.4385388 ::: i.am@biloggirl.com
Carla Dizon 0922.8476374 ::: cadadizon@gmail.com
Bingle Felizardo 0922.8550209 ::: bqaguila@yahoo.com

More photos at Philmofo Bisaklat Photos by mtb.ph @ Flickr.

Video credits to Jire Carreon.

Advocacy Shirt

Are you one of us? Are you a biking advocate? This Advocacy Shirt is now available at Firefly Brigade office. Please contact Enrique Pineda or Mia Bunao at 0917.9237334 for details.