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It gave me sweat when I recount the the adventures of the recently concluded Philmofo Bisaklat: Gulong at Dunong held at Puting Bato Trail in Rizal.

Believe me, its not that simple. Story telling should be done with passion and delivered in a very entertaining way to get the children’s attention . Imagine how Kuya Bodjie of Batibot , back in the 80′s, captivated the interest & attention of the kids listening to his stories.

Sharing some photos taken by Tina Dela Cruz, President of Firefly Brigade.

Alan Sotelo - Philmofo Moderator
Alan Sotelo - Philmofo Moderator

Mark De Castro - Philmofo Moderator and Vitara Philippines
Mark De Castro - Philmofo Moderator and Vitara Philippines

The main activity started with a song and dance activity which broke the ice and established rapport with the children.

After the main story was delivered to everyone. The children when to their designated groups. I was assigned to be the storyteller to the group “Puti” which had 6 children.

I read them the book, “Ang mga Kamatis ni Peles.” I think the children enjoyed the story that they asked me to tell them another story.

Art activities came next after the storytelling. I gave them papers and crayons for them to draw.   My heart went to the 3 kids who cannot draw . With passion and determination, I  taught them and guided them to draw flowers and tomatoes.

We then gave the children loot bags which contained school supplies and some snacks. Even the parents had a crack at getting some extra goodies for themselves.

This affair was not only a learning experience for the kids but us adults as well. One thing I learned from the kids is  to cherish and enjoy the little things we have and to maintain the innocence of a child because one day, these little things will contribute to bigger ones.

All in all, there were about 70 children, 80 bikers and 50 parents who joined and supported the activity.

The next schedule Bisaklat storytelling activities will be in Sagada on November and Boracay on January 2012 in time for the Ati-atihan Festival.

Those who are interested to join, donate books and school supplies, please contact the following.

Jenny Arce 0923.4385388 :::
Carla Dizon 0922.8476374 :::
Bingle Felizardo 0922.8550209 :::

More photos at Philmofo Bisaklat Photos by @ Flickr.

Video credits to Jire Carreon.

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