Filinvest City Endurance Weekend 2014

Filinvest City Endurance Weekend 2014

Filinvest City


Filinvest City Endurance Weekend 2014

November 8-9, 2014

Alabang, Muntinlupa

Filinvest City holds its another endurance testing among mountain bikers in the south dubbed “Filinvest City Endurance Weekend 2014”. Filinvest City brought us variety of endurance races on November 8-9, 2014 at Filinvest City Trail which features Mountain Bike and Trail Run respectively.


Mountain Bike (November 8)

12-Hour MTB:
Solo (Male, Female)
Team (All Male Team of 3, Mixed Team of 3)

6-Hour MTB:
Solo (Male, Female)
Team (All Male Team of 2, Mixed Team of 2)

Minimum of Laps: 12-Hour (20 Laps); 6-Hour (12 Laps)

Registration Fees (inclusive of race bib with RFID, Bike Nubmer with RFID, event shirt)

Solo – Php1500
Team – Php4200

Solo – Php1000
Team – Php1800

Endurance Trail Run (November 9)

12-Hour / 3-Hour (6am)
6-Hour (9am)

12-Hour Run:
Solo (Male, Female)
Team (All Male Team of 3, All Female Team of 3, Mixed Team of 3)

6-Hour Run:
Solo (Male, Female)
Team (All Male Team of 2, All Female Team of 2, Mixed Team of 3)

3-Hour Run:
Solo (Male, Female)

Minimum of Laps: 12-Hour (8 Laps); 6-Hour (9 Laps); 3-Hour (5 Laps)

Registration Fees (inclusive of race bib with RFID, Bike Nubmer with RFID, event shirt)

Solo – Php1500
Team – Php4200

Solo – Php1000
Team – Php1800

Solo – Php750


Chris Sports
Second Wind Running Store
Brick Multisports Store
John Wilkie
Enso’s Bikeshop

No Pain, No Gain

Vaseline Men Xterra 2013 - Podium

I attended the Vaseline Xterra event last March 2 -3, 2013. I participated in their “BUWIS-BUHAY” trail run. And boy, part of the route was a really steep down sloping part, that are filled with rocks and dried corals of the ever scenic Baranggay Jubay, Liloan, Cebu.

Vaseline Men Xterra 2013 - Beach

Vaseline Men Xterra 2013 - Trail

I swear the place was breath taking, but the running route was taking my breath! I had to slide down the hillside so I can safely finish the course! It almost took my life and even cause me a few bruises on my hands…these difficulties seems to go against, but all odds are in my favor… I made it to top ten of the finishers for my category. HAHAHA! Absolutely a weekend that was full of hardcore running activities not to mention I was with the hottest triathletes. So I am one happy Biloggirl that weekend.
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Day 2: Marinduque Extreme – Duathlon

While having breakfast around 0730, I saw few barefooted runners passed by the hotel. Sorry, I was not able to take them a shot, they were too fast. Those runner were locals from Marinduque.

Few minutes, I heard from a runner marshal, “ok, Duathlon na ang dadaan dito”.  I went back to my room and get my camera. And here they arrived.

Marisol Abad follwed by Nilo Estacio

Whreachelle Cordova

Carla Dane Jacaba at the Transition Area said in her exact words, “tatapusin ko ito. Siguradong 3rd place na ako, tatlo lang kami”

I went to Mogpog Plaza where Transition Area is located and same place where organizer’s desk is stationed. I was one of the participants in the Marinduque Extreme – Cross Country for Women’s which is scheduled at 1700. I looked for Dr. Ed Ancheta, overall race organizer but he’s not seemed to be found and some of the staffs told me that he is not coming for the race. I requested the staff to revisit the schedule of the cross country for women’s because as for my fitness skills, it would be difficult for me to finish the extreme cross country for an hour as Marinduque Extreme Trail is known for its difficult single track, extreme downhill and with most difficult level trails that aggressive mountain bikers are looking for. The staff told me, the race mechanics are final.

Robeno Javier, the Asia’s First Duathlete pedaled harder after 10km trail run. He placed 1st in the Marinduque Extreme Series 3 – Duathlon.

even Ryan “Bad Boy” Mendoza who place second and quote “walang sinabi talaga ito sa Xterra, ang hirap”

Here goes the exact number of kilometers for 5 laps as registered to Whreachelle’s bike computer.

Duathletes made it at the finish line together with the good news that the schedule of cross country has been moved from 1700 to 1430.

I was intimidated with the result of Whreachelle’s cyclo as it registered to 32.79Km because the longest cross country I did so far was 20Km. The question is, will I make it to Marinduque Extreme – Cross Country?

Pineapple Trail Run

 Whreachelle and Joseph

I can’t compare enough the difference between biking and running but I would classify myself as a newbie to running. I don’t practice a lot simply because, I bike more than I run. There is also one episode that my shin hurts after running 3K on paved road. I had to stop it however, some running experts told me that it could be the from the shoes I am using or the formation of my running. I suspect, it could be the proper landing of my feet on the ground.

I was not confidence when I registered myself in the Pineapple Trail Run at Terry Larrazabal Bike Festival (TLBF) aside from I lack practice in running, this is my very first 5K trail run.

We woke up as early as 0300 because the transportation from Ormoc Centrum to Pineapple Farm will be available at 0330. Participants arrived with race numbers on their shirts and one of them is the Wow Pinay idol, Whreachelle Cordova from Team Marine who bagged 1st Place in our category .

Before gun start, I saw the supportive Larrazabal family as they participated in the same category as mine. Race organizer started to announce the mechanics and stated it in 3 dialects: Bisaya, Tagalog and English.

As we arrived at the Pineapple Farm, I was surprise with its beauty. So relaxing and refreshing.

 The Pineapple Farm


 Not so difficult trail


 Over-all Race Director, Baba

 Atty Goyo and Me

I kept my pace until I reached the finish line at 1:02 as Atty Goyo handed me over his San Miguel Beer Light. Not bad for my first trail and my shin didn’t hurt. Maybe, I start loving running in the trail. Thanks to my usual support.

We missed the Cross Country track reading after Ormoc City Tour, we’ll have it after the Pineapple Trail Run instead.