My Humble Christmas Gift

Because Christmas is just around the corner, this is my humble gift for my readers.

Now, its boys turn.  The mechanics of this contest is very simple just Like my Facebook Fan Page and answer the question below. Post your answer as a comment to this blog post.

“What is the most valuable lesson in life you have learned through biking”

Ms. Biloggirl and Mountain Bike Philippines will chose the best entry. Don’t forget to type in your valid email address so I can get in touch with you should you be chosen as the winner.

The best answer will win one (1) Large Philmofo jersey.

Contest is until December 17, 2010.

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  1. Eight countries were vying for the price and title. Tonight, two countries will again show their pride. People watched as the burst of fireworks started on cue as the music played. People awed at the spectacle before them.

    But this night, unlike any other night, another burst was slowly coming into cue. As the first country finished her presentation, the play started. Slowly, he placed her down from the ledge, slowly he knelt down and said “Tonight, I don’t have flowers for you, instead, please accept this ring as my symbol of my love. Will you marry me?” and as if part of the play, The Time of My Life was being played by a band in a nearby cafe. Slowly she picked him up and kissed him. Slowly, and with tears in her eyes, she said “yes.”

    Slowly, the rain started to fall that morning and slowly, the tears began to fall. Months of preparation was cancelled. Years of togetherness, taken for granted.

    Months had passed by, and still the pain lingers. They say “the world is round. Sooner of later, you’ll find happiness. Find time for yourself. Get into a new hobby. Go jogging, mountain climbing or get a bike.”

    He did get a bike and learned that riding a bike is not unlike life. In order to move forward, you have to push your pedal forward. Wheels will continue to spin as long as you push and pull your pedal. Life will continue to move as long as you push yourself to live. One cannot stay on flatlands forever. One will have to conquer hills and mountains to get to the next flatland. In life, there will be problems and conflicts that may seem unmovable as a mountain. But life goes on as long as one will try to conquer that mountain. He learned that riding bike with new friends makes riding easier and friends make riding life easier. One will fall off from his bike, and life goes on as you stand up from your fall.

    The pain still lingers in his heart. But life is too beautiful for him to just sit around.

  2. natutuhan kong pahalagahan ang bawa’t sandali ng buhay.. sa bawa’t trail at lugar na pinapadyakan, damang-dama kung gaano tayo kamahal ng ating maykapal.. ang ganda ng mundo!! mas natutuhan ko rin pahalagahan at respetuhin ang mga opinyon at suhestyon ng mga tao sa aking paligid.. maging mtb, road, bmx, o kahit ano pa yan, mas naging mapagkumbaba ako sa pagtahak sa tuwid na daan at sa baku-bakong trails 😀
    wala man akong kakayahang pigilin ang pag-ikot ng mundo, nawa’y lahat tayo’y maging instrumento ng pagbabago.. pagbabago sa ikagaganda ng lola mo!! hehehe..

  3. “What is the most valuable lesson in life you have learned through biking”

    ..the most valuable lesson in life I’ve learned through biking was, being with friends and loved ones, the communications, bondings, event gatherings are really so important that you’re building each others trust, friendship and treasure each others moments that you were together… building a family.. a strong bond that will never be broken. 🙂

    ..hehehe! serious! gusto ng jersey. xD

  4. the passion for biking is not the same for every biker.

    one biker’s pursuit does not necessarily mean it is shared by another biker

    one’s vision about the local biking community would entail a mature outlook in life also and a juvenile perspective would only cause conflict among people you assume are kindred souls…

    as with other aspects of our lives, biking has led me to an often learned realization that true personalities of people you ride with reveal themselves in the hardest situations…you only get to know the people you can trust to help you pull through a difficult ordeal only when they stick with you and put up with your shortcomings no matter what conditions come your way in your collective journey…

  5. “What is the most valuable lesson in life you have learned through biking”

    – BALANCE is important so you won’t fall.. in life, you have to balance your family, job and social life so you wont fall short on one aspect.
    – challenges in life are like rough terrains. You cannot avoid passing through them but with it will make you a better person/biker.
    – and most of all, despite the hardships in life. It’s like climbing the steepest uphill or traversing a long slippery downhill, riding is more worthwhile when you have your love ones and friends riding with you.

    “Balance is all we need”

  6. Isang munting aral na sa kabila ng ating pagkakaiba-iba at angking kakanyahan, naroroon pa rin ang pagkakapare-pareho hindi lamang bilang mga mamamadyak, kung hindi, higit sa lahat, bilang mga tao na may iisang mundong kinagagalawan. Iba-iba sapagkat mayroon tayong kanya-kanyang lakas at kakayahan, iba’t iba ang nararating, at may kanya-kanyang layunin sa pagpadyak. Subalit pare-pareho din sapagkat sabay sabay tayong nakadama ng kaligayahan at tagumpay sa bawat indayog ng ating mga binti kasabay ng ating bisikleta.

    At sa buod ng lahat ng ito … ay tumimo ang mahalagang aral ng PAG-GALANG sa bawat isa hindi lamang bilang ka-mamamadyak kundi bilang isang kapwa, na may pagkakaiba-iba sabay pagkakapare-pareho. Pag-galang sa kakayahan ng iba at pag-galang rin sa kanyang pagkatao. Sapagkat hindi nasusukat ang pagkatao ng isang mamamadyak sa layo ng kanyang narating at sa tarik ng kanyang naabot … bagkus kung paano niya ibinukas ang kanyang puso sa kanyang kapwa mamadyak upang maging kaisa nito.

    Sabi nga ng isang pilosopo: “Ibigin at igalang mo ang iyong kapwa sapagkat sya’y taong katulad mo, ibigin at igalang mo rin siya sapagkat siya’y taong hindi katulad mo.”

  7. The most valuable lesson that I’ve learned in biking was not being the strongest in the group in taking the journey of the ride, it was not also about being the fastest in the pace, It’s not even being the star of the crowd, but what I’ve learned the most is doing the things you love together with your family. I am lucky enough to have a chance to bike with family, all of them, except for my father (I haven’t got the chance to meet him) my sister, my two brothers and most of all with my mother who is now 52 years old. Not most of us were given this chance. But through biking, a though it was not a very long ride, I am having this treasured moment with my family which I can cherish for as long as I live.

  8. The most valuable lesson in life I have learned through biking is that “Uphills Are Never Easy”.
    Sometimes looking at that hill makes you doubt yourself even before you start. As you work your way up your lungs burn gasping for air and that loud heartbeat feels like its going to be the last. Your legs start to feel heavy and if things couldn’t get any worse you get cramps. Fatigue, heat and thirst seems like everything is working against you.
    At the end of that climb whether in biking or in life’s struggles reward yourself for your accomplishment, “For tomorrow is another uphill.”

  9. It is not so much where we are headed.
    but the ride with friends to get there.

    In short, the ride & the company are more important than the destination.

  10. Philmofo 2010 xmas party .
    Everyone was so excited seeing everybody without dirt, mud, frustrating uphill’s and river crossings. The night was so alive lots of food to fit our mouth lots of drinks to fill up our bellies and tingle our minds.
    And as the saying goes “get drunk today for to tomorrow we might die”, maybe… that night it was the thought that circles my mind. But as the process goes it was only the first phase of learning… the hard way!

    It was late and time to say goodbye to fellow bikers. Luckily I didn’t need to ride alone. There was tambs my instant ride buddy that night
    and the person instantly I will never forget. It was a long way home from tandang sora to makati but all I can remember was fragments of scenarios,
    from good to disaster, the second phase of learning… the hard way!
    One was when we left the party and the other one… blinking lights and some people I don’t know who tries to set my consciousness back I can’t barely hear what they were talking about everything was blurred in my ear except the word “paramedic”. I cant even remember how many minutes I’m unconscious.

    They didn’t take me to the Hospital I guess it was all minor injuries, I was so thankful. tambs called up a philmofo brod he accompanied me to my house and that was the last thing I remember.

    And to answer your question ma’am
    “What is the most valuable lesson in life you have learned through biking”
    Is to treasure life more than anything its only one and nothing in this world can replace it .
    I know that this rule is only a common sense but someone has to tell the tale, too bad that was me, so that others wont try it.

  11. The most valuable lesson I’ve learned through biking is “Never Give Up”. Life is like a steep mountain that we climb everyday, A muddy trail that we cannot imagine how we would cross it…. But no matter how hard it is, We should never give up reaching our goals.

  12. “Dont Drink(alcohol) and Ride”

    Take it from me, I learned it the hard way, lost 6 teeth and another 30 grand for replacements.

  13. The most valuable lesson in life I have learned through biking is TAKING CHANCES. Once on a path you need to be able to see it through and the only way to do that is to take the chance. It is by taking a chance in biking that I have gone to several places, meet new friends and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

  14. “What is the most valuable lesson in life you have learned through biking”

    All problems have it’s own level of difficulties.. just like in climbing a mountain through a bicycle, sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s easy.. but rest assured that these problems will only make you strong and at the top of it. you can see the road you’ve tackled and can proudly say that there’s no given problem I can’t handle.

  15. Over coming your fears… Fear can hold us back from experiencing everything in biking. . . . going thru the trafic in the metro, the struggles we do during long distrance rides, the unpredictable weather and the crashes and tumble we see and hear from our co bikers. When we give into fear, we limit ourselves from this experience. So go out and ride and experience the real life in biking…..

  16. It’s always very quick….too many lessons learned to mention….experiences has taught me valuable lessons in life and in many ways ….not only in the biking experiences…”Life is a Bi-cycle”. Cheers! Merry Xmas!

  17. for me! the valuable lesson i’ve learned through biking is Some lessons can’t be taught, they simply have to be learned. … “If you spent your life concentrating on what everyone else thought of you, Do you know how sometimes when you are riding your bike and you start skidding ..Sometimes to get what you want the most, you have to do what you want the least.

  18. In relation to this, one of the most valuable things I’ve ever learned and experienced through biking is to become focused and handle the most difficult situations that might change our life’s path. Biking brought me a lot of friends, and appreciates God’s gift to all of us: Earth, Air, and water.
    Earth, because it brought us to the most beautiful destinations in our planet where the trees are lively swaying while passing by through the trails.
    Air because it nourishes our lungs to provide more energy to sustain the balance within our body and the soul to have the will to face the challenges in our path.
    Water because it replenishes the weary body from a long path of our challenges in our lives.

    What makes me wonder why I keep on cycling? Because the self-esteem and confidence maintains within myself and lifts my spirit every time I fall. One of the best things I ride all by myself sometimes is I have a lot of time to talk to God. The air breezes speaks through my ears and sway of the trees keeps me to listen on God’s voice. It maintains me a lot of heart to talk to him especially when your riding alone on a single track. This is the way I pray because it doesn’t matter how you look like to talk Him, because He is Himself inside of me.

  19. when i’ve met the mofos its makes me feel that no matter how young are you if you have determination in life you can do what you what no matter theres a lot of hindrances that faces you. Self Determination makes your life unstoppable

  20. “That no matter how painful, how impossible, how grueling the struggle is… Overcoming it depends on how much you want it. It’s just a matter of adjusting yourself to the pain. At the end is pure bliss.”

  21. Biking brings me closer to God. Makes me appreciate his creations around us and take care and love it as well. The simple joy of whole weekend biking helps me to be calm and stress free. Helps me to be more patient and not rush things on my everyday life.

  22. “What is the most valuable lesson in life you have learned through biking”
    What does not kill you only makes you better.

    I have been into multiple crashes this year on my bike but i always learn something after every crash. I may have had brusied bones here and there but i always look back and take it as an learning opportunity. Loosen your arms, Modulate your braking. Be aware of your center of gravity… These are a couple of things i have learned after i crashed. 🙂

  23. “What is the most valuable lesson in life you have learned through biking”
    Don’t count how many times you fell, But rather, count the number times you have risen
    and say to yourself “Lord Give me strength….Kasi po masakit yung semplang ko kanina! gusto ko pang mag-bike! Hindi hindi po ako titigil sa pag bike….promise!”

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