Thumbs Up for Globe

It was only few kilometers more for me to end The Globe Cordillera Challenge when a good friend of mine checked my bike components while we stopped in one of the pit stops. He said that my rear brake pads gave up. My brake fades caused by overheating which, means the brake caliper can no longer squeeze or grip the brake rotor while spinning. It would be dangerous to downhill when of the brakes are not in good condition.

Marshal confirmed it too, that there’s still downhill before the finish line.  We waited for few minutes for SAG to arrived to pick me up and my bike.  I felt sorry that I was not able to crossed the finish line but great because I was able to biked one of the beautiful mountains in the Philippines.

Start at Burnham Park, Baguio City

The experience to be part of this ride-for-a-cause project by Globe Telecom as Cordillera Conservation Trust, the primary beneficiary is truly heart warming.


Philmofo Ladies

The event was participated by some mountain bikers friends from Philmofo, Loop Bikers, Makati Mountain Vikings, Holcim MTB, Pangasinan MTB, Inmalog MTB, Baguio MTB and more.


Some climbs are rideable

but some are not

Small farm in Cordillera Mountains

Meeting new friends from Medic Team

Ambulance inside the Trail

I hope in the small amount we donated, we could help rebuild the mountains of Cordillera. Congratulations to Globe Telecoms and Cordillera Conservation Trust. Salute to all Marshals from Baguio Mountain Bikers Group who swept us all. We enjoyed the challenge and hoping to see those same faces next year.

Thumbs up for Globe! More pictures here in Mountain Bike Philippines Fan Page

Credits: Allan Bantucan and Fernando Martirez III

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  1. Great advocacy, great ride!

    Thanks to Globe for perfectly organizing this event.

    Hopefully, more companies help out in preserving the Mountains, so that our future generations of Mountainbikers will still be able to enjoy the trails at Cordillera!

    Definitely the best ride I’ve been to…

    We from Philmofo and Makati Mountain Vikings will always support
    this kind of advocacy, you can count on us on the next event!

  2. 2 thumbs up globe…!!!!hope to see you next year.I’m with you all the way for the rebuilding/reforesting of one of the most beautiful mountains in the philippines..mabuhay ka cordillera!!!!

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