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Hi guys, I would like to meet my new folding bike, Peerless Lite, which I bought few days ago from a good friend of mine. As for the riding style, I can’t compare enough the difference between a mountain bike and a folding bike because they are both fun and ease of use.

My folding bike helped me appreciate the convenience of urban biking more and change my cycling fashion. No more cycling apparel, no more cycling shorts, no to clipless shoes just be yourself. Feel free to express yourself and wear anything with your bike.

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This is the personal blog of Jenny Arce also known as Biloggirl. She is a social media practitioner, Certified Digital PR, fan of Digital Marketing, member of Polkit Cycling Club, loves outdoor activities, an IT Boss. She likes biking, swimming and loves baking cakes. She also maintain the mountain biking blog, Mountain Bike Philippines - http://mtb.ph


  1. Hi there, again. Thanks for the info. I must say, by the way, you’ve got some feats! 🙂 For a girl in that sport, that’s quite impressive! Continue sharing 🙂

  2. love the new bike sissy!now we can roll anytime without the hassle of changing our regular clothes…goodbye spandex!lets enjoy the city.cheers to more chic slow and sweet rides!

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