Bisaklat in Boracay

“No one can put a good cause down.” These were the words of Bingle Felizardo back when we were planning the “Bisaklat in Boracay” last year. And beyond our tight schedules and out of country business trips, etc, I can’t begin to wonder how we, all of us involved, were able to pull everything off. Especially with the negative criticisms that hounded us during this earliest part of this project. Somehow, being focused on our purpose and objective, we were able to succeed in our project.

Believe me when I tell you, that this is NOT a simple project. With the help of the family, friends, various mountain bikers community, the Atty. Allen S. Quimpo and Family, we were to manage and organize the entire event in 3 months. This included donations, logistics, transportation, accommodations and other coordination associated to bringing books to these communities. You need dedicated people to do this, and that is what we had, a group of people dedicated to biking and of course, doing philantrophic work.

During the preparation, the donations came in first, which allowed us to coordinate communications to Kalibo and Malay way ahead of time. Logistics of books were then delivered on time. These were blessings that we thought were quite critical to our time line. An like icing to our cake, we also were able to make use of a SAG vehicle, as support vehicles for our participants to Bisaklat.

This video was taken and documented by Jire Carreon:

January 13 and 14, participants of Bisaklat from Manila started to arrive in Kalibo, some flew in while others biked all the way from Manila to Kalibo.

Did you hear me. Let me make that clear. OTHERS BIKED ALL THE WAY FROM MANILA TO KALIBO! Can you imagine the dedication of these people when it comes to biking, or helping a great cause.

They gathered in Bakhawan Eco Park and Research Center, a wide collection of mangroves that lead to beach at the end.

Some photos was taken from Andrew Calachan of Biker Friends.

The Mangrove

The Bakhawan Eco Park

January 15, all bikers assembled at Bakhawan Eco Park and Research Center in Kalibo then, had a short walk at Ati-atihan Festival and proceed to Baranggay Caticlan, Malay where Siklista Malay were waiting. Siklista Malay is mountain biking club based in Malay. We had a short introduction afterwards, bikers went to Mount Carla where Ati Community were waiting for us.

Like the usual Biskalat program, it started with a song which lead by Carla Jacaba and Dennis Castillo to build rapport among the children. I saw the smile of the children and they were excited to hear our stories and see the books we brought. It never crossed my mind that this project will go to places. We never expect…

Check out the photos posted in Mountain Bike Philippines Facebook Fan Page.

In behalf of Bisaklat storytellers, we would like to thank the following:

UAE Mountainbiking
Wow Pinay
Bike Statement
Atty. Allen S. Quimpo and Family
Jire Carreon
Bingle Felizardo
Siklista Malay
Aklan Cycling Club

Next Biskalat project is scheduled on April in the little island of Suguicay. If you are interested to join and donate, please contact the following person:

Jenny Arce :::
Bingle Felizardo :::
Carla Dane Jacaba :::
Aileen Quimpo :::

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