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I am one of the few people who suffered from extreme face and head sweat. I am experiencing face sweating even without physical activities. This is one the reason why I don’t wear make up most my meetings.

I tried this product of J. Tomas Body Solutions’ NO SWEAT Spray. For the first day I used it, I noticed the difference. My perspiration reduced and I didn’t get any rashes or irration. I am happy using it for more than a week now.

Those who have problems in excessive sweating, please give it a try to see this product as this is already available in Watsons stores or you can call or text the contact person below to know more about NO SWEAT Spray:

Joy Laureola
Operations Manager
J. Tomas Collections
Facebook: JTomas Collection

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  1. How much this product? I want 2 try this if it is effective to me, like others im suffering from excessive sweating both my hands, feet to be exact all my body parts.. my dermatologist said that i have a hyperhydrosis i try the other products but sad to say doesnt effected..

  2. hi! im interested to try this product. how did you managed to reduce the sweating on your face/head? did you apply/wash it directly on that area? thanks. 😀

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