What is your Most Sweaty Activity

Hi guys, I hope you still recall my review about No Sweat Spray by JTomas Collection. No Sweat Spray is a anti-perspirant spray, a gentle hydro alcohol solution for excessive sweating of the armpits, chest, back, hands, and feet. At 60% concentration of aluminum chlorhydrate, it keeps skin dry for long hours.

Here is another contest for your to win JTomas Collection’s No Sweat Spray. Just pretty simple, tell me what was your sweatiest activity you’ve done so far. Please give me RELEVANT story here ok? 🙂

How to win:

1. Compose at least 3 to 5 sentences.
2. Submit your entry by posting your story as a comment to this post.
3. Please write name and your valid email address.

Deadline of entry is on June 24.

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  1. i think your product is so fitted to the lack of nourishment in skin and that’s only my opinion
    my opinion also is to have more vitamins in your skin maybe it makes your company rich in the whole country but not only in the country but in the world
    Don’t make it serious it’s just an opinion

    • Thanks for your giving me your viewpoint about the product however, I cannot include your comment as an entry to this contest. Thanks.

  2. My sweatiest activity is my 1st Mountain Climb at Batulao, Batangas. For being overweight and attempt to this adventure an imaginable excessive sweating of my armpits, chest, back, hands, and feet. Even though I managed to reach the Station 8 only my shirt and pants were so wet. Such experienced even though exhausting and draining I managed and proudly conquered my 2nd Mountain Climb at Batad Ifugao.

  3. My sweatiest activity is when I perform in gigs. As the vocalist/rhythm guitar player I cannot help but get sweaty from all the moving about and the lights and the heat of cigarette smoke (not mine) and a bottle of beer (needed to calm nerves). Our record for playing is 6 hours straight! I am not on the thin side and I am not ‘pogi’ as well so I know that it must not bother me to look sweaty and all but given a chance I might give this product a go.

  4. My sweatiest activity is when I wear my shoes on. Walang tumatagal na sapatos sa akin dahil super pasmado ang paa ko at lagi na lang ito dissolved sa wet feet. So if ever i win this JTomas Collection’s No Sweat Spray, It would be a miracle for me to lessen the case of sweaty feet. Ty

  5. Well, the most sweatiest activity I just experienced was the 24 hours mountain bike ride. It was an exhausting and draining experience..Probably, I sweat for more than 3 liters of perspiration..

  6. A lot of activities has put my body in different levels of sweatiness…but as a runner, doing interval training produces the most amount of sweat in the littlest amount of time. High intensity workouts pumps my heart rate up and and allows my body to sweat even after the workout itself.

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