Biking Indoor with Minoura M80

Summer is already over 🙁 and in times like this, I miss going outside in the first place. Riding in the rain is not bad as long as you dressed up properly. Eye protection, breathable rain gear, fenders, bike maintenance are few to mention to consider in riding in the rain. I did it several times during long rides with a group.

But, during my lazy moments, I prefer the bike trainer, here’s mine, the Minoura M80 with remote.

Indoor trainer was boring seriously and the only time I enjoyed it was when I watched Korean action series while I was riding. By the way, it was Iris.

It has quick release hub clamping system to engage and release the bike quickly. There are 7 levels of resistance controlled via a remote lever for smooth rotation.

Minoura M80 Remote
Minoura M80 - Clamping System
Minoura M80 - Quick Release Hub

Bike trainer is also a friend, but nothing compared biking outside with friends and see the beautiful mountains.

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  1. To make indoor training more fun, may I suggest getting the Sufferfest videos? These are for advanced riders but one can always adjust the efforts to one’s present fitness level. DVD’s, watch them while on the trainer.

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