My Last Visit at Intercare

Text from InterCare

I was in the middle work loads when I received a text reminder from InterCare. The message sounded important and I have to give way this time, to spend time for my treatment session.

I replied to confirm my attendance and told them to have it done the next day. After our conversion, I have these thoughts that procedure will going to be painful because I missed the previous treatment session.

The next day, I came to InterCare in Makati then, Physical Therapist came to check my condition and asked the rate of the pain. I said, from 1 to 10 range, it was 7. He nodded as applied hot compress and Therapeutic Ultrasound treatment.

Dr. Annie came to do ISMART. According to Intercare website, ISMART is Integrated Specific Myofascial Active Release Tools incorporates the use of patented stainless-steel instruments to aid the clinician in the detection and treatment of soft-tissue dysfunction. It is an advanced system of instrument assisted soft-tissue mobilization combined with rehabilitative exercises to improve overall musculoskeletal function. ISMART detect and amplify soft tissue restrictions or dysfunction, similar to how a stethoscope amplifies the heartbeat.

Ismart Procedure

This treatment was painful when she massaged the sore part from my wrist to forearm.

Dr. Annie advised me to continue my hand exercises religiously and avoid using my left thumb repeatedly specially texting. The last reminder was difficult because I’m lefty.

Thanks InterCare for taking care me!

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