Posture Evaluation at Intercare Center

Intercare Banjo Asiddao

Last September 17, me and my fellow bloggers were invited by Intercare Centers to have experienced a Chiropractic treatment with the Australians of RMIT University. I went with Banjo Asiddao also known as Ulikblogrunner for a Posture Evaluation.

Intercare Banjo

So when we got there, the beautiful and nicest people of Intercare helped us. So here is Banjo posing ala Ms. World contestant answering questions before the treatment.

Intercare Chiropractor Treatment

It was a series cracking and popping bones. It felt good and loose after the treatment. Jade, Chiropractor intern was very skilled and strong. It was basically making sure that my spine was aligned and my posture is right. I wish Banjo should have come early to take photos of me 🙁

It was such a refreshing experience with Intercare Center. I will surely do it again.

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