Jerseys in my closet


How many jerseys do you own? I counted them, mine reached 20 then I stopped hahaha..

Each jersey tells story of my journey from the day I put my butt on the saddle up to present. Reminded me of memories of old and new friends, hopes, sadness, failures and happiness.

I wish I could tell the world each story of each jersey before I send them off out of my closet.

I am not afraid at all, I still want new jerseys this year. So, bring it on!

Gift Ideas for Biking Moms

Happy Mothers Day Cake

I would like to share this blog to all cyclists especially the biking dads, brothers and sisters who are still thinking of presents for their beloved Biking Mom, Mommy, Mother, Inay, Nanay, Inang, Mudra, Mudang, Mudak, Mudrakels this Mother’s Day.

Here are some of my gift ideas that I am sure she will like. Anyhow, these stuff are available in your nearest bikestore and shops in Manila 🙂

Bike Trainer
BIKE TRAINER – indoor cycling is boring at times because of no ascend climbing but I believe that mothers will sure like it because she can be multitasking at times. She can focus on SOLID work out while waiting for the laundry, waiting for Bulalo to tenderize or watch her favorite Teleserye “Please be careful with my heart”.

Tandem Bike
TANDEM BIKES – it is bicycle built for two (2) or more. I like the thought of pedaling together, I am sure Biking Moms will agree with this. She would love pedalling with Dad or the kids doing urban biking.

Bike Trailer
BIKE TRAILER – some moms would love to be with their kids or pets during weekends. Bike Trailers are good for touring with kids/pets around the village as her way to introduce biking. Don’t forget to put blinkerS at the rear side of the trailer.

Bike Basket
BIKE BASKET – She would definitely love this, of course for shopping purposes 🙂

These are just my thoughts. Honestly, Biking Moms would love to have brand new bikes or gears. If you have something in mind, share it.

Mom’s Bike Shirt

My mom showed me her new shirt she got from Ukay-ukay at Php80.00. She didn’t notice that there’s a bike on it 🙂 Material was made from polyester, fabric was soft and cool, just perfect for our season.

I love her!

Which Shoes

Been thinking what will I wear on 13th Tour of the Fireflies. Can you help me with it?

Padyak Maynila Classic

Mountain Bike Philippines is now accepting orders for Padyak Maynila Batch 3. Jersey costs Php1,200.00 add Php100 for shipping charge within Metropolitan Manila. They are also accepting international orders.

Place your orders by sending emails to i[dot]am[at]